“Before meeting Mt, I spent a ton of money on clothes only to find that I never wore half of what I bought, nor could I put a decent outfit together.  Mt has shown me how to use what I have and only purchase when necessary.  I have saved money and feel so much more confident with my look.  Deciding to work with Mt was a great decision and I know I can count on her to solve all my style dilemmas.” – personal styling client

“I appreciate that no matter how small the request, Irene is willing to help. She always responds immediately, which is helpful, particularly when I am in a store and am looking for help to make a quick decision. … I have gotten exactly what I wanted to achieve out of Irene’s services. I feel more confident and comfortable with my style and I am excited to get dressed in the morning. Her services have had a significant impact on my life.” – Amy Hastings, personal styling client

“M.T. was an indispensable help when opening our boutique, Sweet Harmony & Co. in Caledon East.  She assisted in brand research and organized a few open-houses with us.  Her knowledge of fashion is remarkable and she is known and respected as an adviser to many, going above and beyond to help in any possible way. ” – Nancy Racco and Albina Carusi, Sweet Harmony & Co., business services client

“I truly appreciated Irene’s straightforwardness and professionalism. She also understands the corporate world, and young mum needs… Very, very helpful!” – Gillian Smith, personal styling client

“I have to say, I have a different problem now when I get up in the morning. How amazing do I want to look today?!?!?! It’s definitely a good problem to have, cause I want to wear everything. Once again, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” – personal styling client

“I am happy to say that I had another excellent experience with my stylist, Irene Kim. As before, when I did try on clothes, Irene used these times as opportunities to teach me why certain clothes work better with my personal style, body type, and budget.  She always respected my own personal taste. I loved the efficiency and time management of this shopping experience.  Each time I was making a purchase,  Irene was on to the next store, where I would meet her with choices she had already picked out.  In the two hours we had available,  I feel I bought beautiful pieces that are versatile and timeless. Lastly,  Irene did help me pick out a beautiful outfit that I would never have imagined myself in!  She has an amazing eye to what works well with me.  I learn more about my personal style every time I go out with Irene. I will gladly recommend La Closette to others.” – personal styling client

“As a small fashion business owner, it is crucial to have a professional and efficient team helping your business succeed. La Closette is simply amazing at what they do, quick to present opportunitites and to take action. I saw a huge difference only after a few weeks of having contracted them, and MT and Irene are a great pleasure to work with. They are professional, smart, kind and lovely. Thank you La Closette, I am honored to have you as part of our team, and thank you for helping to bring my business to new heights!” – Franciska Veress, Veress Couture, business services client

“I really enjoyed the whole experience; it was the perfect time in my life to adjust my look and I found the whole thing really helpful. I found the final session where we put together outfits from my closet the most helpful. I particularly liked it when we were able to make whole outfits out of pieces I hadn’t worn in years!” – personal styling client

“Shopping can be a very draining process, especially if you can’t find the look you are picturing. As a bride-to-be, these emotions were heightened and I often felt overwhelmed before hiring my stylist. Saying that, Irene made shopping very fun. She not only helped me find my perfect look, but she helped me cope with the stress of the process. Irene was always approachable and answered my emails very quickly. Since I was working on a tight schedule it was a big relief knowing I can constantly rely on her. Through our conversations it was quite clear that this was not simply a job for Irene, rather she is truly passionate about helping me find my perfect look. Her down to earth and reliable manner made me feel as if I was being helped by a good friend and not an independent stylist. When giving her opinion on certain styles, she presented her opinions very professionally but was still critical and honest. These were crucial traits because sometimes friends or family members won’t give you their completely honest opinion. Irene was also very productive and efficient. When I needed help brainstorming looks, Irene provided me with a vast amount of options in a very short period of time. She also ensured I stayed within my budget, which was important to me. Everyone should treat themselves with la closette.” – Elizabeth Kurusi, wedding styling client

“On behalf of the City of Toronto and job seekers, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your participation as a subject matter expert on our Yorkdale Job Fair employer panel. Your breadth of HR knowledge and the practical honest advice that you shared with the job seekers was invaluable.” – Ted Lis, Director, Toronto Employment & Social Services, business services client

“After spending only 3 hours with Irene, I felt like I went from “having nothing to wear” to having several modern outfits in my closet.  Irene assessed my current wardrobe and put pieces together in ways I never would have imagined which gave me several new outfits without buying anything new.  When we went shopping, she understood my budget and quickly found me reasonably priced, versatile and stylish items that I could mix and match with what I already had.  I really appreciated that Irene could go into a store and quickly pick out a few items that were perfect for my body type and style.  She saved me hours of shopping and the results were much, much better than I would have achieved on my own.  We had lots of fun in the process and I feel refreshed and modern!  Thanks Irene!” – Karen Mason, personal styling client

“Mt has been a big help…I’ve never felt confident about my “looks” until now.” – personal styling client

“MT is a total fashion expert. An amazing professional who really cares for her clientele.” – Karen Martinez, MarKa Designs, business services client

“Thanks for allowing me to participate.  I thought one of the great things the team did was make each of us feel good about who we are and our personal appearance while still taking us up a level.  I never felt bad about who I am or how I dress now, just that I could improve and make myself feel better.” – corporate presentation participant

“You have created quite a buzz around the office…  Everyone had very positive comments and enjoyed your presentation.  Well done!” – business services client

“I have just returned from the seminar put on by la closette. It was so great! I learned a lot, from my colleagues and from the seminar presenters. It was refreshing, energizing and makes me want work harder. Thanks so much for the opportunity and the experience!” – corporate seminar participant