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Black and white is a favourite combination among many. It has made an impact through the years with Designers like Chanel, Dior, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana and many others.

The very own male classic tuxedo is responsible for many of the black and white looks of the past and present. In 1930, actress Marlene Dietrich performed in a men’s tuxedo in the Movie, Morocco. The Tuxedo became so popular and redone which led to many more black and white styles and inspired designers to master these looks. The tuxedo has inspired many fashion trends which have led to a black and white fashion phenomenon.

Here are a few of the popular looks which allow men to debut themselves in black and white.

The classic black and white tuxedo is great when you want to dress up. Take a black tux jacket and a white dress shirt with a black bow tie for a chic evening out.

Two-toned black and white pieces can really change the look of an outfit.

For a more casual, but still professional look this Dolce and Gabbana Ivory linen blazer, white dress shirt and pleated pant is a great black and white arrangement. Linen is very comfortable with the hot weather and works well for the office or meetings, especially when you need to remain a certain look. Cotton blazers are always beautiful but some can be quite warm during the summer weather.

via Holts Spring 2013 Catalogue

via Holts Spring 2013 Catalogue

For the summer days and knights, these classy black and white looks from Dolce and Gabbanna for men are the essence of male chic for this summer.

Black and white stripes work well throughout the year, especially in spring. They can be formal or casual. Here, Dolce and Gabbana uses stripes to showcase and stay true to these two classic Italian looks.

Nautical is a frequent spring trend. Through pairing a black and white striped shirt with a pair of shorts you will have your own nautical look.

For the fashion forward man, Moncler is displaying their black and white ensemble with a bit of color and giving it a preppy look with their black and white socks. Again, nautical is a common theme in both of these looks tying it in with a pair of boat shoes and black shorts. By adding a bit of color to your black and white, it makes an impact to your style.

What I love about black and white is that the mixture is so versatile. Depending on what you pair it with you can have so many different looks.

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